Christian County, Kentucky
Vehicle Registration

Registering for the first time

  • Photo ID
  • Current original (not a copy) of proof of Kentucky insurance * (issue date within 45 days**)
  • Money for fees and applicable taxes (cash, checks, money orders, debit, and credit cards are taken, credit cards will have additional fees)
  • The current title (for first time title and registration applicants only)
  • The current registration receipt (if the vehicle was previously registered out of state)


Within Kentucky, motor vehicles (most often) are registered /renewed in the owner's birth month.  The owner of the vehicle has the whole month to renew their tags, if not done before the end of the month penalties and fees will accrue.   Truck, motorcycle, and boat licenses are also issued. The vehicle registration certificate (if you do not have this there will be a state fee of $3.00 to reprint), proof of insurance (can be emailed to or faxed to (270) 887-4113), and payment are required for renewal. Payments may be made by cash, check or money order. We also accept debit and credit cards which will charge additional fees.  As a reminder, it is required (by Kentucky statute) that your vehicle registration (or photocopy thereof) AND proof of insurance be carried in your motor vehicle at all times.  If you have any questions please call (270) 887-4105 ext. 1.

 For more information about apportioned license plates, please visit:

Internet Renewals

If your vehicle is currently insured with a company that has elected to provide information to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, then you might be eligible to renew your registration over the internet. The companies currently participating in the program are:
(4)    USAA
(5)    GEICO

The Kentucky Vehicle  Information web site is  In addition to registration renewal you can check personalized plate availability, review license plate designs and download frequently used forms.

Mail-In Services

Vehicle registrations may be renewed by mail. Your tax notice is mailed (by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet) several weeks prior to the renewal period and provides instructions for the renewal process. Payment may be submitted in check or money order form made payable to the Christian County Clerk. A $2.00 fee is added to cover postage and handling. Simply send the vehicle registration certificate, proof of insurance and payment to: 511 South Main Street Hopkinsville, KY 42240.

Interstate Transfers

When a vehicle is purchased or is coming into the Commonwealth of Kentucky, services are provided to enable 1) Transfer of ownership involving vehicles sold within Kentucky, 2) Title and registration for out-of-state vehicles coming into Kentucky, and 3) Title and registration for the change of ownership on new motor vehicles. Proof of usage (sales) tax and proof of insurance is required at the time of registration. If the motor vehicle title is being held by a lien holder, the County Clerk's office has a form that the customer can obtain and then submit to the lien holder to mail the title directly to our office.  This form must be picked up in our office because a Deputy Clerk will need to sign the form.  Additional time for processing is required when this is necessary.
If you are trying to register a vehicle that you purchased from an out of state dealer and they did not give you the paperwork you will need to call our office at (270) 887-4108 ext. 2, to see if it was mailed to our office.

sold out of state vehicles

If you have sold a vehicle, either to a dealer out of state or an individual out of state, you will need to come to our office with the plate off of that vehicle to turn in or fill out a sold out of state form and pay the taxes that are owed on the vehicle, if any are owed,  by December 31st of the year the vehicle was sold.  If not you will keep receiving tax notices with late fees and penalties on this vehicle.  If this happens when it is time to renew your other vehicles it will stop that deputy clerk from renewing the current vehicles because it will show delinquent taxes on the sold  vehicle, and it will not let the deputy clerk continue until those taxes are paid or taken care of by the Property Valuation Office.  Also, the new years taxes will be on the sold vehicle that will need to be taken care of as well.

Dealer Services

Motor vehicle transactions conducted with licensed dealers may be processed in person.

Disabled Parking Permits

Persons whose mobility, flexibility, coordination, respiration, or perceptiveness is significantly reduced by a permanent or temporary disability may obtain a permit which will allow them to use special disabled parking spaces. Applications for permits are available at the County Clerk's office or you can download the form HERE and take it to your doctor.  A doctor's statement and signature are required.  If you have any questions call our office at (270) 887-4105 ext. 1. 

Boat Registration & Transfers

Kentucky law requires all boats having motors to be registered if operated on public waters. Motor boat registrations and transfers are handled by the County Clerk's office. Registration certificate and tax payment are required for renewal. Boat renewals or property tax payments can be processed through the mail or at the County Clerk's office. Transfers require the previous owner's certificate of registration and/or title along with a properly executed (by both buyer and seller) Boat Transfer Record form (obtainable at the County Clerk's office).